Webapp per Msd

Webapp + Slidekit

digital and print

A project dedicated to nasal cytology for MSD Italia: a series of planned outputs, consisting of a theoretical part and a practical part.

SlideKit, interactive Pdfs, WebApp explain the technique preparation of material to perform cytology and evaluation frameworks to understand the specific pathology links.

Webapp per Msd

WebApp tools

for practical training
Webapp per Msd

Collection of slides

It is the first interaction. It allows you to compare different cytological slides, choosing from predefined categories or searching by keyword.

Compare with

It is possible to choose a cytological slide to compare with another one.

Webapp per Msd
Webapp per Msd


A series of scientific questions with the possibility to access any moment to right or wrong answers summary.


Learning tool for cytological slides analysis and subsequent diagnosis.

Webapp per Msd